Deby’s products are available in many restaurants and stores across Colorado and beyond.  The following is not a complete list. Mind you, because Sysco, US Foods, Roma, , Shamrock Foods, Full Spectrum, Altamira Foods,  and Western Deli all carry our products, we do not know every location that offers our line.  Therefore, if you go to a restaurant or store that carries Deby’s items, or if you are a business owner using our products, please let us know so that we may add the information to this list.

(Note: you may want to call to check with a restaurant for availability before making the trip.)


Angelina’s Italian Restaurant, Littleton – »  »  303-932-7708
Pizza Crust, Gluten Free Pasta, and Gluten Free Bread

Blue Parrot Restaurant – 303-666-0677
Louisville.  Deby’s Gluten Free Egg Noodles, Bread, Pizza Crust (flatbread style) and desserts.

Crave Real Burgers – Locations in Colorado Springs, Highlands Ranch and Castle Rock.  Hamburger Buns.

Delectible Egg 4 locations.  Pancake mix.  English Muffins, Hamburger Buns.

Fat Sully’s New York Style Pizza – »  »  303-333-4440
12″ Pizza Crust.

Legend’s of Aurora Sports Grill 303-671-0560 12″ Pizza Crust.

Melting Pot –
Breads and Desserts at Fort Collins, Littleton and Louisville locations.

Nicolo’s Pizza –  303-771-8800 (Centennial)  Pizza Crust 9″ Pizza Crust.

Olive Branch – Colorado Springs. 719-475-1199  A full menu of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner selections.

Tony P’s 17th Avenue  Pizza Crust, 10″ Hand Tossed Style Crust.

Slices  303-758-0940.  7155 East Hampden Avenue, Denver.  Pizza Crust.  **NEW** (Note – Gluten Free Pizza is available as a whole pizza only, not by the slice). 10″ Thin style

Pizza Time – Colorado Springs.  719-282-4177. 8794 North Union Blvd (In Union Town Center).  Zip code 80920.  Opens every day at 11:00 a.m.

Snarf’s Sub Sandwiches – All Colorado Locations.  Hoagie Rolls.

Tavern – All locations.  Pizza crust and Hamburger buns.  Uptown‎ 538 E 17th Ave Pkwy, Denver, CO 80203; 303-830-9210; Downtown‎ 1949 Market St, Denver, CO 80202  303-299-0100.

Turley’s Restaurant, Boulder –
Turley’s has a complete Gluten Free Menu, and uses Deby’s Bread Crumbs and Pancake and Waffle Mix.

Grocery Stores

Vitamin Cottage – Each Vitamin Cottage has their own independent buyer.  Please contact your local Vitamin Cottage to see what products they have.  During the Holiday season especially, each Vitamin Cottage keeps a wide variety of products.

Health Care/Hospitals

Camp IdRaHaJe – 571 Deer Creek Trail, Bailey, Colorado, 80421.  303-838-5668.   **NEW** Gluten Free Flour for making camp breakfast, lunch, and diner items and desserts.

Cherrylynn Health Care Centers –  5555 South Elati Street, Littleton, CO, 80120.  303-798-8686.

Porter Adventist  Check each location for availability and selection.

St. Joseph’s Hospital – 1835 Franklin Street, Denver, CO, 80218.  Call 303-837-7111 for information.

University of Colorado Hospital – 303-848-0000.  Call for availability and selection